Nutritional value of God’s Word

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In a previous blog (The Spirit and the Book) we touched on the Word of God being food. I would like to explore this further and help us to understand the nutritional value of the Word of God.

 I have a lemon tree growing in my backyard. I should say I have a lemon tree planted in my backyard. My experience with the lemon tree has not been fruitful—it has not produced many lemons. It’s my fault. They are hardy I was told, so I just planted it and assumed things would happen. I did give it the occasional water and some fertiliser but this was very occasional. My lemon tree has produced very little fruit.  

I was reading Meditation by Jim Downing recently, and it made me think of my lemon tree. Downing paints a picture of a fruitful Christian. He uses Jeremiah 17:7–8 to talk about a tree facing adversity but its leaves where always green and it never failed to produce fruit (also see Psalm 1:3). Downing says the tree had a secret and the secret was its roots and what they tapped into. By drawing on abundant nourishment (the river of life) the tree never failed to produce fruit. Now a tree not drawing on much nourishment produces little fruit, as its focus is on just hanging in there (for example, my lemon tree), but with an abundance of nourishment the tree produces luscious fruit.

Many Christians do not produce fruit due to a lack of nourishment. Nourishment comes from the Bread of Life and his Word. Be nourished. Tap into the life, read the Word abundantly, and produce fruit (see Galatians 5:22–23).

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